British Snider .577 Sporting Rifle by Robert Hughes of Birmingham

Item Description

Original Item: One Only. Uncovered in a stack of odd guns from the Nepalese cache this was a filthy dirty example but we had it cleaned by master antique gunsmith Norm Sutton. Norm documented this rifle’s restoration on his found at this link.

As you can see what Norm did is quite amazing. Here is a fine Victorian era Snider Sporting Rifle in .577 cal intended for Big Game, such as Tigers, that had found it's way to Katmandu in the late 1870s.

Fine details indicative of London gun making at the time include engraved hammer, engraved lock and engraved breach, along with a sharp octagonal Damascus or faux Damascus barrel. Signed on the lock by "R. Hughes" which stands for Robert Hughes. Robert Hughes 1855-1900 was a gun and pistol maker at 22 Moland St., Birmingham until 1872 and at 100 Moland street from 1873. He adopted the style 'Universal Firearms Works' in 1868. His guns were well known and he was favored in the London gun market, known for his high quality Sporting Rifles, typically sold to men traveling to Asia or Africa for big game hunting.

This is an extremely attractive Victorian era Big Game Rifle of considerable quality beautifully cleaned and restored by a master antique gunsmith.

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