IMA Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee Policy

Buying collectibles of any type can be fraught with risk. Over the course of history, within the fine art world forgers and conmen have succeeded in passing off fakes as authentic pieces. The Militaria industry is not immune from this practice.

In an effort to combat this trend and assure our customers that they may buy with complete confidence, we have created the IMA Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee Policy.

International Military Antiques, Inc sells both original and reproduction items. Items which we denote as being "original" are guaranteed to be authentic from the specified time period. If an item advertised as original is sold by IMA and is later suspected to be a reproduction, we will require a detailed written explanation of the issues leading to the buyer's reasoning. IMA will have all authenticity claims vetted by third party experts. If we are in agreement that the item purchased is not authentic to the specified time period, the buyer will be given a full refund (including shipping fees).

  • The IMA Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee policy covers any item purchased from IMA after September 1st, 2021.
  • The IMA Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee policy covers any item sold by IMA which is described as being original and unaltered.
  • The IMA Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee policy is not transferable and only covers the named buyer who purchased the collectible.
  • The IMA Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee policy will last the lifetime of the person that purchased the collectible.
  • All refunds will be issued in United States dollars and in the form of a check, wire transfer, or digital payment, at the total discretion of IMA.
  • The IMA Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee is a policy, not a Certificate of Authenticity. Therefore, no paperwork will be provided.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity is a signed and sealed document issued for a specific item. The intention of a COA is for it to accompany an item along its path through history. COA's are available to purchase for all original items sold by IMA