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Original Zulu War Knobkerrie Club with Plaque Inscribed to J.N. CREALOCK

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Original Item: Only One Available. Well the age old collector adage of "NEVER PAY FOR AN INSCRIPTION" went straight out of the window when we saw this knobkerrie in an English collection earlier this year.

The collector recently passed and we were dealing with his widow. His passion had been the British Martini rifle and the film "ZULU" one of most red blooded men's favorite films, but to appreciate this item you had to have also seen the film "ZULU DAWN".

Our one rule, passed down by Christian’s father, was never ever pay for an inscription since they can be so easily be added. However, when temptation arises it appears we are the first to rush right in and here is why…

Here is a genuine, absolutely original Zulu Knobkerrie brought back as a war trophy from the Zulu Wars of 1879. It has a wonderful patina and it has woven brass wire banding around the shaft's neck. It is just wonderful! However a silver shield has been added to the shaft engraved as follows:


Certainly this shield could have been added ten years, twenty five years or even one hundred years ago but when we purchased it from a deceased collector's widow together with a significant water canteen, being offered separately, that the collector treasured to his dying day at 89 years of age, sometimes things speak to you and on this occasion we were certainly listening as to us these items were screaming!

So did you recognize the name "CREALOCK" ? He was Major General Chelmsford's ADC who appeared in the Movie "ZULU DAWN".

Such War Trophies were common in the Victorian era from just about every military campaign and they mostly sat around in Regimental Officer's Messes for many decades until some uncaring idiot tossed them out. Thank God some collector was there to be able to catch this one!

Here it is, the best Zulu Knobkerrie we’ll ever have.

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