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Original Yugoslavian M56 SMG 32rnd Magazine

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Original Item: This is the original 32 round capacity magazine issued with for the Yugoslavian Clone of the WW2 MP 40. Designed to use 7.62mm x 25mm Tokarev pistol ammunition that made this model far more hard-hitting than it's WWII ancestor. Curved 32 round magazine, heavily blued and covered in original grease.

The M56 submachine gun is a Yugoslavian submachine gun chambered in 7.62 x 25 mm Tokarev, designed for use with the Yugoslav People's Army. Initially a state-funded product, it was later produced by Zastava Arms and saw use in a number of conflicts following the breakup of former Yugoslavia. The M56 is a clone of the MP 40 submachine gun used by NSDAP Germany, easily distinguished from the MP 40 by its increased length and curved magazine.

While inexpensive to produce and easy to maintain, the M56 also proved to be quite effective at range over its German counterpart; its 7.62 mm cartridge providing significantly more penetration over the 9 x 19 mm round found in the MP 40, although lacking the same stopping power.

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