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Original British Early 19th Century Bellows Foghorn Named to HMS ATLAS

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Original Item: Only One Available. HMS Atlas was a 98-gun second-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, launched on 13 February 1782. She was a Duke-class ship of the line built at Chatham Dockyard by Nicholas Phillips. For some of the period between 1798 and 1802, she was under the command of Captain Theophilus Jones. In 1802 she was reduced to a 74-gun ship. She participated in the naval Battle of San Domingo on 6 February 1806, when she suffered eight killed and 11 wounded. Her captain was Samuel Pym, who had joined her the year before. In 1808, while off Cadiz and serving as the flagship of Rear Admiral Purvis, she came under fire from French batteries on many occasions. In all, she lost about 50 men killed and wounded. She was responsible for the destruction of Fort Catalina. Atlas was fitted as a temporary prison ship at Portsmouth from 1813 to 1814. She then spent some months as a powder magazine. She was finally broken up in 1821.

This is a wonderful bellows style fog horn made from heavy leather and wood with brass trumpet. It measures 35" in overall length, including the blunderbuss like 14" brass trumpet. The brass trumpet horn is nicely engraved H.M.S. ATLAS. Naming was not intended as an item of pride but done merely to discourage theft by a similar British naval vessel. Amazingly, even with very worn leather, this Bellows fog horn still blows air but the horn sound is somewhat low in volume.

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