Original Anglo-Zulu War Hardwood Knobkierie with Named and Dated 1879

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. From the same British collection of Zulu war material as our last ULUNDI marked Knobkerrie offered and sold a few weeks ago.

The 1879 British invasion of Zululand brought swift and unexpected results. In short order most of the British Regiment of the 24th foot were attacked by surprise and totally annihilated despite their modern martini rifles against clubs and spears. Fifteen hundred men or thereabout died repelling a Zulu hoard of five thousand. Having destroyed the main column at ISANDLWANA the Zulus went on to attack the Mission Station at RORKE'S DRIFT but that was a different story remembered in the movie "ZULU".

What we have here is another nice quality knob Kerrie 25" in overall length bearing a mounted silver shield engraved:

Zulu Club

Taken by



Jan. 1879

Captain Sir Hallam Henry Parr was in the 13th Regiment, the Somerset Light Infantry, and was not personally present at the action of Isandlwana but was in fact the A.D.C. to Sir Henry Bartle Frere who was the British Commissioner in the neighboring British Crown Colony of Natal and together with Lord Chelmsford were the men behind the British invasion of the independent Zululand.

Born in 1847 Hallam Henry Parr served in South Africa from 1874-1879 and eventually reached the rank of Major General and died in 1914 aged 67. One wonders if as an aged General of an evening, over Brandy and Cigars, our hero ever claimed to have been at that action and disarmed "that Savage" himself? To be fair, he may well have visited the site of one of Britain's greatest defeats to see the carnage for him self.

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