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British Sten Gun Magazine Carrier with Seven Magazines

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Item Description

Original & New Made Items: IMA offers an exceptional great deal on their replica Sten magazine carrier combined with seven original magazines. The magazines included are the "desert rat" magazines To reduce the amount of sand that could get into their Sten magazines, they soldered closed the viewing holes on the back of the magazine and certain other manufacturing holes. The viewing holes were originally provided to allow the gunner to see how many cartridges were left. The Sten magazine was particularly sensitive to dirt.

If you want to have a Sten magazine carrier for display or for reenactments, this combination provides a full set of rodded magazines at a very low price. When inserted in the carrier, the rodded magazines look just like any other Sten magazine.

(NOTE: Dummy cartridges sold separately.)

Shipping Restrictions

    This product is not available for shipping in US state(s)
    California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey

    This product is not available for international shipping.

Legal Information

  • High Capacity Magazine Laws & Restrictions
    Due to State & Federal law we do not ship magazines that exceed the following capacities to the following locations:
    California - 10 round maximum for all magazines.
    Hawaii - 10 round maximum for all handgun magazines.
    Maryland - 20 round maximum for all magazines.
    Massachusetts - over 10 rounds.
    New Jersey - 15 round maximum for semi-automatic firearms only.
    International- No gun magazines can be exported from the USA.

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