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WWII Allied Wood Road Sign - Bastogne 5km

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New Made Item: Constructed out of genuine antique wood used from WW2 machine gun and ammunition boxes these are newly made hand painted signs made as faithful reproductions of road signs used by the Allies to mark the routes and distances to specific cities and important locations.

Every sign is unique and hand crafted so will vary slightly. Typical measurements are 20 to 30 in length by 4-6 in width. These are painted to order, so they may not be available for same day shipping.

Liberated by the Allies in late 1944, Bastogne was attacked by German forces shortly after. Hitler was, again, looking for control of the Ardennes. The goal was to advance to Antwerp, to cut off supply and separate British from American troops. On December 16, taking advantage of the cold and the fog, the German artillery started the so-called Battle of the Bulge by attacking the sparsely deployed American troops around Bastogne. A few days later, Brigadier General McAuliffe and the 101st Airborne Division along with elements of the 10th Armored Division (United States) and the 82nd airborne arrived to counter-attack but, after heavy fighting, became encircled within the town.

On December 22, German emissaries asked for the American surrender, to which the General answered quite briefly, Nuts! The next day, the weather cleared up, allowing air retaliation and the parachuting of much needed food, medicine, and weaponry. On December 26, troops under the command of General Patton broke the deadlock. The official end of the Battle of Bastogne only occurred three weeks later, when all fighting finally stopped.

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