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WWII Aged Steel Sign - Falaise (33" x 12")

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New Made Item: No two signs are exactly the same. Why? Each one is individually handcrafted in 18 gauge steel, aged, distressed and totally unique with battlescars and even bullet holes!

Approximately measures: 32.8 L x 12 H (833mm x 300mm).

Weight: 5lbs

After Operation Cobra the German frontline is brocken through in Avranches at the end of July, the Allied forces emerge finally from the Norman hedgerow, and fan out in Brittany and in Anjou. A German counter-attack fails in Mortain on 7 August. On 12 August, two armoured divisions reach Argentan, the 5th American Armoured Division under General Oliver, and the 2nd French Armoured Division commanded by General Leclerc. In the north, the Canadians are only ten kilometers from Falaise. Between Argentan and Falaise stands a 23 kilometers wide gap, a pocket takes shape clearly. On 16 August, the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division is in the vicinity of Falaise, the 6th Brigade assaults the city, where a SS Kampfgruppe is entrenched. The Canadians progression is slow, the Germans defend to ground with machine-guns and anti-tanks. In the evening, the young soldiers of the SS jugend are still holding the Saint-Jean school building, they are beleaguered by the Fusiliers Mont-Royal. On 17 August at dawn, the Germans die in the ruins, when the Canadians launch the last attack.

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