Original German WWII Panzer Artillery Regiment 102 Captured Named POW Grouping

Item Description

Original Items: One-of-a-kind set. This overcoat, medals and original documents (no copies) belonged to Ober Gefreiten Erich Hamann who was assigned to the Panzer Artillerie Regiment 102. Included in this grouping are a blue wool great coat with shoulder boards, that appears to have been worn during his capture as a Prisoner of War held by the Americans. This is confirmed by his POW Certificate of Discharge  which is dated June 11th, 1945. Also included are an Iron Cross Medal 2nd class with award document, Black wound badge with award document and Silver Wound Badge with Award Document. All these documents are original and named to Erich Hamann (tow of the award documents are seperated at the fold line). A truly wonderful grouping to a named and well documented German soldier from the Panzer Artillery Regiment 102.

Approximate Measurements of the Overcoat:
Collar to Shoulder: 10"
Shoulder to Sleeve: 24"
Shoulder to Shoulder: 18"
Chest width: 19.5"
Waist width: 19"
Hip width: 24"
Front length: 47"

The 102nd Artillery Regiment was set up on September 1, 1938 in Vienna, in Wehrkreis XVII. The regiment emerged from the light artillery regiment 9 and the 2nd division of the light artillery regiment 1 of the Austrian Armed Forces. The regiment was placed under the 4th light division after the formation. The regiment was later to be relocated with the regimental staff and the 1st division to St. Pölten, also military district XVII, but this apparently no longer happened. The regiment was subordinated to the 9th Panzer Division by renaming the higher-level unit from January 1, 1940. On August 1, 1940, the II. Division from Artillery Regiment 50 to III. Division renamed by the regiment. On December 12, 1941, the entire regiment was renamed the Panzer Artillery Regiment 102. The regiment was commanded by Oberst Walther Bömerz and Major Ewald Kraus.
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