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Webley Pritchard Bayonet for the Webley MkVI Pistol - Collector Grade

Item Description

New Made Item: Designed by Lt. Arthur Pritchard of the 3rd Royal Berkshire Regiment these were originally produced by the arms company W.W. Greener in Birmingham for Private Purchase by Officers serving on the Western Front. Constructed with a custom brass hilt which attaches to the standard .455 cal Webley Mk VI Revolver these utilized the front portion of the "T" cross section French Gras Model 1874 Bayonets which were very available during WW1. Each Brass Hilted Bayonet comes complete with steel Scabbard and leather belt frog.

An absolute must for the WW1 Collector or anyone owning a Mark VI Webley Revolver. Original bayonets of this model now command well over one thousand dollars. This is a very well made replica of an extremely rare bayonet. Comes with a blued steel scabbard and leather frog. Some fitting will be required.


Overall: 12-1/2"

Blade: 8-1/4".

Fitting Instructions: The Webley Pritchard Bayonet was intended for use with the Webley Mark VI Revolver with a standard 6" barrel. We believe that some Mark IV versions came with shorter barrels and in those cases the bayonet will not fit. The concept is that the brass hilt has a barrel "Groove" machined into the upper edge of the grip and the cross guard has an orifice through which the front of the barrel with the foresight protrudes through. The rear or the hilt is hollowed and fits over and around the pivoting hinge of barrel to frame. As a result the pistol can be reloaded without removing the bayonet. There is a locking catch on the cross guard that indexes directly behind the front sight mount retaining the bayonet to the weapon. These Revolver Bayonets were developed by W.W.Greener in WW1 and were for private sale to Officers.

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