Vickers WWI Anti Aircraft Tripod: Very RARE!

Item Description

Original Item: One Only! Possibly one of the most exciting items we've offered in a very long time. This is the earliest Vickers tripod we've ever seen. Serial numbered "16" on the rear leg, the tripod bears its original data plate stating: "Tripod .303 in. Maxim" over "H-946" (Gun number) over Manufacturer's code: "R.C.D.  lV/1914". Data plate with correct space under center to hold the, now missing, small buckled belt that secures the three tripod legs together for transportation. Most interesting is the location of the cross head locking screw assembly normally found on the forward face of the Vickers Tripod directly opposite the rear leg. On this first model mount the locking screw assembly is on the right hand side at 90 degrees to the rear leg. This 1914 dated Vickers Tripod is fitted the extremely rare all steel and brass antiaircraft extension which raises the weapon more than three feet above the top of the tripod. Complete with a leather lined circular steel clamp securing the Vickers water Jacket to the brass extension head it also has an additional Gun Supporting extension and a large steel bracket assembly on the right hand side with hook to mount an ammunition box presumably. Discovered on Egypt in 1978 in an Army surplus Firearms Sale this extremely early rare WW1 Tripod Assembly had been shipped out East either for use in WW1 or WW2 by the British. Four examples were found; but only this one with the early First Model Tripod. Out of a private Museum, this is as desirable as these things get. It doesn't take much imagination to visualize this AA Assembly in use in the Western Front trenches during the early part of WW1.

Not offered with Display Gun; Tripod Only.

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