Vickers Display Machine Gun With Tripod Mount: Tropical Edition

Item Description

Original Item: One Only! Well the truth is these were never issued; they only got as far as the design stage because the Japanese war came to an unexpected end. The jungles of South East Asia had taken a terrible toll on men and equipment and it was proposed to issue tropical service Vickers Guns utilizing Brass water Jackets and Fusee Spring Covers together with the already in service Brass Feed Trays assemblies to combat the corrosion problems. Sadly this variation was never adopted with the oncoming peace. So we have manufactured a few of the principal components to allow the enthusiasts to create that which never was. Additionally we have constructed a sample inert Display gun, offered here, on the standard Ww2 Vickers Parts Set with the Tropical features included. This is your chance to buy what would have been one of the most dramatic Mgs of WW2 had production only gone forward. We have made only a very limited number of Tropical Parts Sets (Jacket and Fusee Spring Cover) and to date only a couple of these Display Guns.  

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