Vickers Aiming Post Mk III

Item Description

Original Item:  The official description of this rare Vickers accessory is as follows: "The Mk III aiming post consists of folding upper and stationary lower stem of rectangular steel bar, clamped together by means of a screwed stud and wing nut. The lower stem is riveted to a triangular base plate containing three spikes.  A white disc is screwed to the upper stem, approximately 1-1/4 inches from the top, thereby allowing the assembly of the aiming lamp for night firing.  The lower end, to which the stud for the wing nut is screwed, has an offset leg which is used when the post is in an alternative position, i.e., the upper stem being clamped at right angles to the lower stem, the lower end of the former; the offset leg and one side of the base plate acting as supports.

The Mk III post could be used alone for indirect fire during the day or be used with the Aiming Lamp Mk III for fire at night.  Both accessories were used in conjunction with the deflection bar foresight (IMA Product No. BV1025).

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