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UZI 9mm Submachine Gun Bolt

Item Description

Original Item: The UZI submachine gun is arguably the best-known post-WW2 submachine gun, and part of this status is due to its use of a revolutionary bolt design originally developed by the Czechoslovakians. Conventional submachine gun bolts locate the feed lips, firing pin, and extractor at the front end of the bolt, leaving the mass of the bolt behind these elements. The UZI bolt places these elements over 3½ inches back into the mass of the bolt so that more than half of the length of the bolt surrounds the rear of the barrel. This allows the overall length of the gun to be drastically reduced, and the magazine could now be placed in the grip, which, following the principle that one hand finds the other, makes reloading faster.

Caliber: 9mm

Grade: Excellent to New.

Note: these bolts are from the Full Auto version of the UZI. They will not work with the semi-auto version.

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