U.S. WWII Naval Aviator Named Grouping of Lieutenant Commander with M422A Flight Jacket

Item Description

Original Items: One-ok-a-kind set. Well, this guy brought everything home!

It appears we have most everything other than his aircraft from his time in the Pacific theatre.

This amazing set consists of the following items:

• Named blue naval jacket with sleeve cuff insignia denoting the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Maker’s label of M.BORN & CO and dated January 13th, 1944.
• Matching navy blue trousers.
• Named olive drab uniform tunic with sleeve cuff ranks, metal flying wings, and manufacturer’s label of Finchley of Chicago | New York.
• Dress white visor cap with maker's label of Naval Uniform Service complete with metal cloth backed hat badge.
• Dress whites uniform set consisting of tunic and trousers with heavy gilt buttons, shoulder boards absent, unnamed and without makers label.
• All of the above uniform sets still on their WW2 naval folding wire hangers and kept inside a named military issue soft sided suit case marked TYPE B-4 made by Stein Brothers, Chicago and nicely marked on the exterior Property of U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army.
• Dress white leather lace up shoes.
• Two pairs of Dress white gloves.
• Donald Duck pork pie hat.
• USN hand towel.
• A second carry-all bag marked U.S.N. contains the following:
• Leather flight helmet made by Slote and Klein complete with integral earphones and a pair of tinted goggles.
• Original vintage cardboard package containing three spare clear glass lenses for flight goggles.
• Another pair of earphones with cable extension marked NA - 48490-1.
• Microphone assembly in it's original cardboard box marked AN-M3/A by Telephonic Corp.
• Pilot's Knee Board in original cardboard marked box. The Lap Board still retaining the Pilot's notes and calculations from his, presumably, last flight. There is also an unopened pad of replacement paper sheets for use with the Knee Board.
• Pilot's Copy of the RESTRICTED Communications Handbook marked U.S. Navy, 1944
• Large envelope containing DEVICE 1-XX CELESTIAL NAVIGATION VISUALIZER issued by the Special Devices Division, BUREAU OF AERONAUTICS, WASHINGTON. Never used and still in original packing for assembly.
• Lt. Commander's named WWII Mae West Life jacket, extensively marked, made by Firestone and dated 1945. The jacket comes complete with both CO2 bottles, electrical hook-up cables, a distress smoke canister Mark-1 fully charged, by Aerial Products Inc. of Merrick, New York and an unused dye canister that is designed to discharge in sea water to help rescue teams find the pilot's position.
• Finally, and best of all we have Lt. Commander Russel W. Wilson's original WWII leather M422A (G-1) flight jacket, marked R.W.WILSON, USNR in gold under gold Aviators wings. Jacket manufactured by MONARCH MFG. CO., MILWAUKEE, comes complete with dyed fur collar, the leather all in nice gently worn condition with original military specs label in the neck. On the right chest there is a cloth full color embroidered magnificent large squadron patch of a bald eagle grasping bombs and rockets flying in clouds through which lightning is striking. Size 38. On back of the collar is a black ink U.S.

How good can all this get? All pieces are genuine WWII and all from the same pilot, literally straight out of the attic.

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