U.S. WWII M-1942 Barracks Bag

Item Description

New Made Item: This is an outstanding rugged reproduction of the WW2 barracks bag constructed of OD #3 canvas with period correct heavy-duty white draw cords. Top quality seams are correctly double needle felled, mirroring the construction of originals adding to overall durability. This is a near exact copy of the original and truly top quality!

The Barracks Bag (Bag, Barracks, Stock Number 74-B-50) was an approximately 25" x 38" cloth bag utilized to store and transport a soldier's personal clothing that was in addition to what he was wearing. Generally two such Barracks Bags were issued to each soldier, to be marked "A" and "B" in large letters near the bottom seam of the bag.

Prior to World War II and in the early days of the war, the "Bag, Barrack M-1929" was issued to soldiers. That bag was blue denim material with white cord double drawstring closures. The soldier's name and serial number were often stenciled on in white lettering.

By 1942 the blue denim bag was being replaced by a new pattern Barracks Bag made with olive drab fabric. Like other World WAR TWO equipment, early war barracks bags were the lighter Olive Drab #3 shade then became OD #7 in 1943 or later.

Initially issued as a "barracks bag" until the duffle bag was introduced. Then these became used as a laundry bags. Issued to and used by all US Army personnel. Originals were constructed of sage green HBT cotton, khaki twill, OD3 canvas, OD7 sateen, OD 7 HBT and blue denim. So if you have seen an original that wasn't HBT, don't have a coronary. There was no rhyme or reason their issue- in other words, there is no airborne model.

Approximately size 25-inches wide x 38-inches tall.

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