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U.S. WWII Issue Garrison Cap- Infantry & Paratrooper

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New Made Item: As issued with the service uniform to all troops of the Army and Air Corps. This is a finely constructed wool garrison cap with leather sweatband and blue piping that indicates infantry (including paratroopers).

From 1939 onward, this was the standard issue US Army soft cap called the garrison cap, also known as "overseas" or "pisscutter". They were made from the same wool fabric as the Service Coats and wool trousers. Although there were variations in the lining styles, the pattern was consistent throughout world war two.

A note on Issue Caps vs. Private Purchase (PX): WWII Garrison caps are seen in two styles. The actual cap issued by the army has a tapered top (this one)- the front and rear are lower than the center. Then there is a rectangular cap that we offer separately (Item Code AMU8121).

Note: Due to a manufacturing error, the label inside these reads "100% Cotton Shell", but these are definitely wool.

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