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U.S. WWII Garrison Cap PX with Infantry/Paratrooper Blue Piping

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New Made Item: A fine reproduction of the "Tailor-made", rectangular caps, purchased by many troops for a sharper appearance. Correct for any branch for the military, not just Band of Brothers that was supplied by IMA. PX caps have no spec labels because they were not a government contract item.

This is a finely constructed heavy cotton twill cap with interior liner and Blue piping indicating Infantry (including paratroopers).

From 1939 onward, the standard issue US Army soft cap was the garrison cap. Also known as "overseas cap" or "pisscutter". Issue Caps vs. Private Purchase (PX): WWII Garrison caps are seen in two styles. The actual cap issued by the army has a tapered top- the front/back are lower than the center. Then there is a rectangular cap that is squared off in appearance.

These were sold at the PX (meaning post exchange) and by uniform shops and tailors. Shops that dealt in men's clothing and shoes offered numerous military quality uniforms and accessories to all the services. It's much crisper looking then the issue pattern. As these were tailor made it is difficult to find any two originals that are identical, so we copied a fine example in the IMA collection.

After the War, about 1948, the Army changed the issue cap to the rectangular pattern that has been used until the mass issue of berets in the 21st century. Add a high quality fine example of a true WWII U.S. side cap to your collection at an affordable price!

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