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U.S. WWII Daisy Mae HBT Hat

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New Made Item: This cotton Herring Bone Twill green hat w introduced in 1941 to replace a blue denim version from the 1930's. Our hat is made from the same sage green HBT as an Original. It was originally intended to issue these to all troops except for armored vehicle personnel, who were to be issued the HBT cap instead. However, the caps were more popular with everyone that led to the Daisy Mae being declared limited standard in 1943 then gradually phased out. These hats saw service in all theaters of the War during WWII and after.

Our hat is copied from an original in the IMA collection, it is very high quality and made to wear. You will not be disappointed!

WWII Style cap only. If you want caps of post 1945 pattern, this is not it.

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