U.S. WWII Army Air Force USAAF Type A-2 Flight Jacket- Genuine Russet Brown Leather

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Item Description

New Made Item: Excellent reproduction copied directly from an original original WWII A-2 flight Jacket.

Manufactured in Europe for IMA Inc.

- High quality leather

- Talon zipper

- Russet Brown color

- One piece back

- Cotton lining

- U.S.A.A.F. Logo

- Correct WWII issue label

Please note that the crush cap is NOT included but is available for purchase separately.

The A-2 is without a doubt the most famous of all the WWII flight jacket designs. Standardized on May 29th, 1931 as the regulation Army Air Corp intermediate flight jacket it was used until the end of the war. Initially, it was intended that the A-2 flight jacket be made from Horsehide leather only. However, by the mid '30s, Goatskin and later Steerhide, were also approved.

The official color was 'Seal Brown', but this was represented in many various shades as it turned out. Indeed, references to other shades such as Russet and Havana were also used. Of a quite basic design, the A-2 flight jacket saw action in every theater of WWII. Pilots and aircrew regarded their A-2s as companions, more than simply items of issued clothing. Today, original A-2s fetch high prices in the collectors' market, and are regarded as the pinnacle of flight jackets.

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