U.S. WWII 81mm Resin Mortar Round

Item Description

New Made Item: New Made Item: This is a 3-piece resin replica of the 81mm M43A1 HE (High Explosive) mortar bomb equipped with a superquick M52 fuze. This replica is molded from a handmade silicone mold, which was cast from a de-milled 81mm round, so it holds all of the detail of an original.

The body and fuse are cast black resilient resin, simulating metal, ready to be cleaned and painted. The tail section is cast in black pliable high strength resin to allow movement and will keep the detailed thin tail fins from snapping.

Original WW2 81mm to many types of bombs from the M43A1 HE Round, the smallest of the high explosive shells weighed 6.9 pounds and had a maximum range of 3,290 yards, to the heaviest of the 81mm types the M56, weighing 15 lbs with a maximum range of 1,300yards. The most common round was the M43A1 high explosive round, with a weight of 7.05 lbs and containing 1.22 lbs. of TNT. Equipped with a superquick fuze, this round had a bursting radius of about 30 yards was commonly employed against enemy troops in the open.

The M1 81mm mortar was the largest weapon in the arsenal of the Marine infantry battalion. It provided the battalion commander with a powerful and flexible indirect fire capability. Four of these weapons were assigned to each battalion, in either the weapons or headquarters company, depending on the table of organization.

Sometimes called "infantry artillery," or "hip pocket artillery," mortars were capable of quickly laying down heavy barrages. These could stop enemy attacks under the worst conditions. Able to fire at high angles, mortars could fire at targets in defilade, either under direction of an forward observer, or firing off map coordinates. In the Pacific campaigns, these weapons became an important part of the battalion's firepower, especially since they could be man-packed into positions that were inaccessible to artillery.

Original inert rounds are very hard to find on the market today, but our resin alternative will give you the look and feel to complete any WW2 collection for a fraction of the cost! Totally inert, cannot be converted into a destructive device.

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