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U.S. WWI Winchester M-1897 Trench Gun Ventilated Barrel Jacket Heat Shield with Bayonet Mount

Item Description

New Made Item: Originally designed for the Winchester M1897 Riot Shotgun, this ventilated barrel jacket with bayonet lug for the M-1917 Bayonet, was introduced in WWI for trench warfare and used continually up through the war in Vietnam.

This is a steel reproduction that can be retro-fitted to your pump action 97 Winchester or similar weapon to bring it to "Trench Gun" specifications. Yet another scarce WWI accessory that is now available as a reproduction.

Display only, not intended for use.

Please be aware that modifications might be required to fit your particular gun and any attempt to use this accessory in a live fire scenario must first be approved by a licensed gunsmith.

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