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U.S. WWI M1917/42 .45cal Revolver Leather Holster Embossed US

Item Description

New Made Item: A magnificent exact replica of the M1917/42 .45 cal revolver as issued to U.S. troops in WWI & WWII. Top quality russet brown leather construction with large U.S. embossed on holster front.

This rig comes complete with brass flap stud, copper rivets, heavy white stitching and in absolutely brand new condition; just perfect for all those .45 cal. revolvers like the .45 Smith & Wesson or Colt .45 Revolvers.

Bearing the original style "US" in oval-embossing. Quality thick leather, just like the original. Patterned from an original in the IMA collection.

Model 1917 & Model 1942.

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