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U.S. WW2 Army Field Telephone: Original Model EE-8 (Set of 2)- GRADE 2

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GRADE 2- This means that all of our remaining phones have some type of damage, from ripped cases to cracked hand receivers. The few phones we have left in stock are not in as good condition as what is photographed. Choosing hand select will give you the best of what we have remaining, nothing more.

Original Item: Back in stock after over a year, we have just one last small shipment of these fantastic phones. These will not last, buy now or be sorry later!

The EE-8 phone was the standard field telephone during the Second World War and the Korean conflict, and was used extensively in the War in Vietnam. These phones have been very hard to find on the collector market. You merely have to provide two D-cell batteries and connecting wire. Each phone is contained in its own canvas custom satchel with integral winder on the side. Takes 2 (present day) D-Cell Batteries. Can be hooked up to your own home phone system to take regular incoming calls. Unfortunately, you cannot dial out. Buy two phones and set them up between rooms (point-to-point) winding the generator on one phone rings the bell in the other (we connected them with present day stereo speaker wire).

Remember Robert Micham or John Wayne in a hole shouting over the shellfire into one of these units and when finished they never "hung it up" they just stuffed the handset back into the carrier? Well, now we know why!

A fabulous reminder of U.S. WW2 battle history recently released from European Military Stores after 50+ years of storage. Comes complete with original English language markings with satchel Carrier and Shoulder Strap.


The EE-8 has the versatility to be installed in a variety of configurations. The most common configuration is point-to-point, in which one EE-8 phone is connected directly to a second EE-8 phone.


Operation consists of two steps, alerting the recipient that a call is coming and then making voice contact. Use the following procedure to call the second handset.

1. Normally, the handset will be resting on the Lever Switch, a black Bakelite bar hinged at one end. See Figure 4. The line is disconnected when the handset is resting on the Lever Switch. Lift the handset from the Lever Switch.


While IMA believes these phones to be fully operational, the few we tested were, however we do NOT guarantee that each phone is fully functional. These are sold in ?AS IS? condition. Batteries and speaker wire are not included but are readily available at your local radio shack or similar type retailer.

Each order comes complete with an"IMA Technical Manual TM IMAEE-8, US Field Telephone Model EE-8, Installation and Operation Guide".

SET OF 2 Phones (one pair)

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