U.S. WW2 60mm Mortar Round

Item Description

New Made Item: This is a 3-piece resin replica of the 60mm M49A2 HE mortar round. This replica is molded from a handmade silicone mold, which was cast from a de-milled 60mm round, so it holds all of the detail of an original. The body and fuse are cast grey resilient resin, simulating metal, ready to be cleaned and painted. The tail section is cast in black pliable high strength resin to allow movement and will keep the detailed thin tail fins from snapping. Original WW2 De-milled 60mm mortar rounds weighed 3 pounds and had a maximum range of 2,000 yards, although accuracy was diminished at ranges over 1,000. While having less power than the 81mm mortar, the 60mm was easy to transport and could be brought into action quickly, which was its prime asset. The 60mm M2 was a versatile and reliable performer making it a key infantry weapon during World War II. Original inert rounds are very hard to find on the market today, but our resin alternative will give you the look and feel to complete any WW2 collection for a fraction of the cost! Totally inert, cannot be converted into a destructive device.

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