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U.S. WWII Thompson Sub-Machine Gun Cal .45 Cover

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New Made Item: Copied from a very rare original in the IMA collection this is the correct “waxed” (no wax is applied) canvas cover made to fit the both the 1928 and M1A1 Military issue Thompson Sub Machine Guns with standard length 10.5 inch barrels and horizontal foregrips. This will not fit current issue Thompsons with 16 inch barrels or those with vertical foregrips.

Our excellent reproduction is constructed of heavy OD Green canvas, a sturdy Brass toothed zipper, leather attachment tabs (for securing on a vehicle) with heavy stitching. Correctly marked “COVER THOMPSON SUB-MACHINE GUN CAL .45 050268” for added wartime authenticity.

Will accommodate both 20 and 30 round stick magazines mounted in the SMG and will protect any Thompson splendidly in the correct fashion. Originals are nearly impossible to find and cost nearly 1000% more.

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