U.S. Thompson M1921 SMG .45 Finned Barrel

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New Made Item: MADE IN THE USA! Copied from 5 originals and using original US schematics for reference, these are excellent new made .45 Thompson 1921 Finned SMG Barrels. Front Sight not included. Excellent1921 TSMG Thompson Sub-Machine Gun barrel, 45 ACP caliber nicely finned, no muzzle thread, full auto chamber,10.5" alloy with blue/black finish.

Length: 10 1/2 inches

Caliber: .45ACP


History of the Model 1921-

The Model 1921 (M1921) was the first major production model. Fifteen thousand were produced by Colt for Auto-Ordnance. In its original design, it was finished more like a sporting weapon, with an adjustable rear sight, a blued, finned barrel and vertical foregrip (or pistol grip) and the Blish lock. The M1921 was quite expensive to manufacture, with the original retail price around $200, because of its high-quality wood furniture and finely machined parts. The M1921 was famous throughout its career with police and criminals and in motion pictures. This model gained fame from its use by criminals during Prohibition, and was nicknamed "tommy gun" by the media.

Note: Only compatible with original WW2 Spec Thompson Machine Guns. Not compatible with new production West Hurley or Kahr Arms Thompson Machine guns.

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