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U.S. Resin Dummy Baseball Grenade

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New Made Item: Dummy full size resin practice USGI baseball grenade of Korean war style. America’s past time had a direct impact on the war as this grenade was developed for US soldiers who were already accustomed to throwing baseballs. The Military correctly deduced that US soldiers would be more accurate and throw farther if a grenade was approximately the same size and weight of a baseball.

This is a superb two-piece resin (heavy dense plastic) reproduction of the U.S. Korean war era baseball fragmentation hand grenade, it might be resin but it feels and looks like an original! Amazing. Cast from a silicon mold of an original de-milled grenade to exacting precision; it has all the correct details of the original, like a pull out steel ring and pin, but is totally inert.

Totally inert, cannot be converted to an explosive devise.

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