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U.S. Reising Three Cell Magazine Pouch Marked U.S.M.C

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New Made Item: A great Reproduction of this scarce US Marine Corps WW2 issue pouch for three (3) Reising 20 round magazines or three (3) 30 round UZI magazines. Quality canvas construction with black reinforcement around magazine flaps and marked on the reverse:


U.S. Medcorp Saddlery Co. 1942

A very nice reproduction of a hard to find pouch.

The .45 Reising submachine gun was manufactured by Harrington & Richardson (H&R) Arms Company in Worcester, Massachusetts, and was designed and patented by Eugene Reising in 1940. The three versions of the weapon were the Model 50, the folding stock Model 55, and the semiautomatic Model 60 rifle. Over 100,000 Reisings were ordered during World War II, and were initially used by the United States Navy, Marine Corps and the United States Coast Guard, though some were shipped to Canadian, Soviet, and other allied forces to fight the Axis powers.

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