U.S. M43 Pedestal Mount, WW2 Pearl Harbor: Uncut (One Only)

Item Description

Original Item: One Only. 'Original and Uncut'! This U.S. M43 Pedestal Mount, for M2 air and water-cooled .50 cal. machine guns, is made by Heinz Corp of Philadelphia and may or may not have seen service in the battle of pearl harbor, but if not, ones identical to it certainly did! Evolved from the Navy Mk21 and Army M39 models, which operate with basically the same helical equilibrator.  This series of mounts can be seen spitting lead at Japanese zeros from Battleships at Pearl Harbor to shore installations at Wake Island.  These mounts have all but disappeared to the scrap furnace. We have only come across two uncut pieces in 20 years. The mount weighs 690 lbs and still retains 2 original data / label plates and the original A.A. sight box on the inside of the shield. Shield is _? steel plate. Gun mounting pins are present as well as grease fittings, original seat harness chain and D rings, but canvas pieces dry rotted away, although several pieces are present by which a reproduction can be made.  Shoulder stocks, gun, drum and sights are not included.  Some marginal rust is present, but otherwise this is the best-preserved unit we have found and in very serviceable condition. Must be picked up in NJ or shipped freight collect (shipping is not free).

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