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U.S. M1911 .45cal Black Leather Hip Holster Embossed US

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New Made Item: A fine high quality heavy black genuine leather .45 holster. it is perfectly formed to duplicate the original Colt M1911 .45 Auto Pistol Hip Holster of WWII fame. Available in the black color as issued in the years after WWII, black holsters were not produced until the mid 1950's NOTE: Currently shipping with brass colored hardware.

Large US is embossed on the holster flap, black steel flap stud with true copper securing rivets. Our replica is perfect in every way and comes complete with gunfighter style tie-down leg thong. Perfect tight fit that will mold to your 1911A1 ACP after breaking in, just like a good pair of boots! Ideal for reenactors, collectors and any 1911 of true specifications.

These holsters are not the cheaply made knock-offs so often encountered. Examine the quality of the workmanship, the clarity of the stampings, and the texture of the leather that make our reproduction stand out above all the rest.

Holster only- gun not included.

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