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U.S. M1 Garand Rifle WWII 1907 Pattern Leather Sling with Steel Fittings- GRADE 2

Item Description

New Made Item: GRADE 2 - ALL SALES FINAL. These are grade two because they were coated with an incorrect finish that makes the surface of the sling brittle. The slings tend to crack where the cleat holes are. These crack do not penetrate the entire thickness of the sling, but they do negatively effect the aesthetic of the sling in some areas. There may also be some color variations and other imperfections which is why we have made them GRADE 2 - ALL SALES FINAL. This is the exact sling used on the legendary M1 Garand Rifle made famous as the standard rifle of the U.S. military from WW2 to just before Vietnam. Copied from originals in the IMA collection this style sling was what was used with the legendary WW2 Garand rifle.

Comprised of leather the correct pattern U.S. 1907 pattern rifle sling comes complete with heavy stitching, adjustment holes and correct WWII pattern steel hooks (fittings). It is the correct width 1.25 inches and has a maximum length of 46 inches, typically adjusted shorter when used on a Springfield or Garand rifle.

We've even added stamped WW2 date and manufacture markings for added authenticity!


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