U.S. Headphone Headband HB-7: WW2 (Un-issued)

Item Description

Original Item: New Un-issued condition. As with so many of our products, one would never have expected to see this item. The HEADBAND, HB-7, is the springy over-the-head device that supported a large range of earphones for the US Army and the US Army Air Corps in WW2 and later. The HB-7 consists of two spring-steel bands connecting a right and left earphone plate. Each of the plates has a spring earphone clamp. The earphone clamps have a wide range of vertical adjustment. The two spring bands of the over-the-head can be adjusted from a close parallel position to a maximum separation of about 50 degrees (3.75 inches center-to-center). Even though some of the earphone assemblies have ended up in collector?s hands, the headbands, which were originally covered in tan leather, are generally in pretty bad shape. The headbands we are now offering are NEW AND UNISSUED and are all WW2 manufactured! These headbands have all the wiring required to connect directly to your earphones.

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