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U.S. Garand Leather Sniper Rifle Cheek Pad- Medium Brown

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New Made Item: Identical to the WW2 production, copied from an original in the IMA collection, these "cheek pads" were used by snipers for help with control during long stand offs. Quickly adapted by general infantry and pretty much anyone that could get their hands on one, used all the way into the Vietnam era.

This is a thick high-quality milk chocolate medium brown genuine leather cheek pad secured by heavy stitching and 16 all brass grommets. Comes complete with a genuine leather thong for attaching to the wood rifle stock and a replicated WWII maker marking.

A small but crucial part of the Garand Rifle history and a great accessory to dress up any Garand.

IMA offers the finest Garand sniper cheek pad available anywhere!

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