U.S. Colt 1849 Gustav Young Engraved Presentation Revolver

Item Description

Original Item: One Only. This is a really unusual for IMA. Purchased from one of our collector customers who specializes in British Napoleonic Navy weapons, we got this truly remarkable U.S. Colt 1849 Pocket Revolver that was factory engraved by Gustav Young, his style is unmistakable, fitted with original ivory grips and bearing the owner name on back strap.

The famous Abolitionist S.S. Foster owned this revolver. Mr. Foster was giving a presentation in Cincinnati Ohio in 1858 when a riot ensued in which there was genuine concern for the great man's life. As a result, as we understand it, a female admirer, of the more mature variety, commissioned this presentation grade revolver expressly for Mr. Foster. Various Internet research is included with the revolver about Mr. S.S. Foster that expands on his fight against slavery.

This revolver comes from a collection dating back many decades; this item was apparently obtained from a descendant of the original owner. Therefore, we conclude that this item is truly fresh to the collectors market. In very nice condition, the serial number is prefixed with the letter "I" indicating a factory engraved piece and the Gustav Young engraving is in fine shape. The original do have ivory grips a couple of chips and one small section where a slither of ivory is absent has been filled with some substitute.

Overall the .30 cal Revolver, which we are told was made in 1858 is in very good collectable condition and with the original inscription can be connected to a great Abolitionist of immediately preceding period to the U.S. Civil War.

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