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U.S. 1911 .45 cal Brown Leather Shoulder Pistol Holster with Laser Sight Option- U.S.M.C

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New Made Item: This is a high quality genuine leather shoulder holster of open top construction with "lift the dot" securing strap specially designed to accept the U.S. Government issue 1911 .45 pistol and any associated similar sized pistols fitted with most generic types of light or laser sight options.

Holster comes with spare magazine pouch and 8 cartridge loops to accommodate individual rounds of .45 cal ammunition. Also included is a leather thong threaded through grommet holes to restrict the size of the holster when light/laser attachments are not installed.

Comes with an adjustable shoulder harness for wearing under left shoulder and rig comes complete with shoulder strap to waist belt to ensure rigidity.

In brown leather and embossed U.S.M.C. (United States Marine Corps)

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