Thompson M1928A1 Demil Receiver: Reversed Bridgeport Address

Item Description

Original Item: Extremely Rare! When Auto Ordnance Corporation received the first government orders for the M1928 Thompson, the corporate offices were located in New York City. Therefore, the very earliest receivers were marked with this address.  Very soon, AO Corp. moved to Bridgeport, Connecticut.  For a very short time, the Bridgeport address was stamped on the right side of the receiver toward the rear, with the patent number list forward toward the ejection port.  This marking lasted only for a few guns in the mid-80,000 serial number range.  It is so rare that it is not mentioned in any of the detailed studies of the Thompson.  They are essentially unknown even to the most advanced collectors.

These receivers have been cut according to BATF regulations.  The set includes the long center section with all marking intact, the receiver rear, and a section that includes part of the ejection port.  The front end or ?head? of the receiver that the barrel screws into is not included.  Most are in un-issued condition.

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