Thompson M1 SMG Display: Rare British Stocks: One Only

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Original Item: Thompson enthusiasts know that the functional difference between the M1 and the later M1A1 is in the design of the bolt, with the M1 having a separate firing pin, spring, and rotating hammer, while the M1A1 has replaced these parts with a firing pin machined into the face of the bolt.  There were other differences, however, that are often overlooked.  M1 trigger frames had ?paddle? levers like the M1928A1 for the safety and fire control levers, while the M1A1 had dowel pin levers.  The M1 magazine catch retained the thickened section designed to retain the drum magazine, although the gun could not accept drum magazines.  This thickened section was dropped on the M1A1.  Also, the M1 was fitted with a stock that did not have the cross-bolt reinforcement. 


Comparison of M1 Thompson Features To M1A1 Features





Bolt with separate firing pin, firing pin spring, hammer, and hammer pin

Firing pin machined into face of bolt

Paddle levers on fire selector and safety

Dowel pin levers on fire selector and safety

No reinforcing bolt in butt stock

Cross bolt with washers in butt stock

M1928A1-style magazine catch

Simplified magazine catch


Thompsons of all models supplied to British Commonwealth countries were usually modified to allow the sling to be attached in the assault configuration, in which the sling was looped around the gunner?s neck.  The gun was thus positioned in front of his torso for instant access.  The Thompson seems to have been the earliest application of the assault sling, which is used universally today.


The M1 was manufactured in extremely small quantities compared to the M1928A1 and the M1A1, making this a very desirable display piece for the Thompson collector.  We are offering these original Thompson parts built onto one of our M1A1 nonfiring display receivers.



Description:  Nonfiring Display M1 Thompson Submachine Gun with correct paddle levers, magazine catch, butt stock with British sling fittings, original WW@ sling, and magazine (all pictured).  The original parts in this piece are in excellent to unissued condition. ONE ONLY


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