Sudanese Mahdi Warrior Shield from "The Four Feathers- Long Oval Shape

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Original Motion Picture Item: This is your chance to add another movie star to your collection! Once again IMA has been able to obtain some genuine Film Props with British Military History significance. Here are the war shields of the Sudanese Mahdi's foot soldiers known as "FUZZY WUZZYS" because of their extraordinary bushy hair. Remember the movie "KHARTOUM" starring Charlton Heston as General Gordon, or "Gordon Pasha" as he became known? Cut off in Sudan's Capital for over a year relief troops of the British Army literally arriving two days late after the massacre? That was 1885, yet it took England, then the most powerful Empire on earth, thirteen years to finally defeat the Sudanese under the Mahdi's successor "The Kalifa" at the Battle of Omdurman in 1898.

Memorialized in the famous 1939 Movie "THE FOUR FEATHERS" and which was remade in 2002 starring the late Heath Ledger; this is a stirring tale of cowardice and subsequent heroism. Well, IMA has obtained the Fuzzy Wuzzy War Shields used in that 2002 production. Made from fiberglass replicating a Rhino Hide "Zulu" shaped shield being pointed on the top and bottom.

Secured to the rear with rope handles these could almost pass as original war shields from the horn of Africa. These really do look genuine. What an opportunity to hang one on your den wall, a real piece of Hollywood Movie memorabilia that also perfectly replicates the historical War Shield of the Fuzzy Wuzzy- an opportunity not to be missed by the film buff or military historian. Very few available, size and condition may vary slightly.

Approximate Dimensions:

Width: 18

Height: 33.5

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