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Soviet WWII Russian Cossack Shasqua- Shashka

Item Description

New Made Item: Known first as a Cossack weapon that was used on horseback, the sword type was made the official officer’s sword of the Soviet Union during WW2. Brass pommel is marked with star, sickle and hammer. Grip is hand carved hardwood. Tempered high carbon blade, includes black leather scabbard with brass mounts included.


Overall: 37-1/2"

Blade: 32"

Wt: 2 lbs

The Shashka (Adyghe: ?????? /IPA: [sa?x?a]/ - big knife, Russian: (?????)) is a special kind of sabre; a very sharp, single-edged, single-handed, and guardless sword. In appearance, the shashka is midway between a full sabre and a straight sword. It has a slightly curved blade, and can be effective for both slashing and thrusting. The blade is either hollowed or fullered. There is no guard, but a large, curved pommel. The hilt is frequently highly decorated. Shashkas from the Caucausus, as opposed to Russian versions, are carried in a wooden scabbard that encloses part of the hilt. It is worn with the cutting edge to the rear, opposite to the sabre.

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