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South African Defense Force P70 Butt Pack and Waist Belt Assembly

Item Description

Original Item: This combination of butt pack and waist belt was introduced by the South Africa Defense Forces as part of their Pattern 70 Equipment. It was based on the British Pattern 1958 Equipment, but it takes the P58, which was very good, to the next level. The butt pack assembly is actually two separate small packs, each with two external magazine pockets.

The two larger pouches are 7 x 7 x 4 inches, for a total of 392 cubic inches of space, in addition to the four external pouches. Each large pouch has an internal pocket, and each external pouch has four little equipment loops that work perfectly for individual cartridges, pens or pencils. In addition to the strap-fastened main flap, the large pouches have inner flaps that snap together to keep your gear inside and dry. Being modern military, they have plenty of D rings (9, to be exact) to hang extra gear on, and plenty of straps for attaching external equipment. AND, as an added bonus, the left-hand large pouch is fitted with two loops to support the South African version of the No. 9 bayonet and scabbard. (Bayonet and scabbard not included.)

The external pockets are also perfectly sized for cans of soda, energy or breakfast bars, king-sized candy bars, and other necessary survival items for the hiker or hunter. Day hikers have pretty much accepted the small back pack for carrying their gear, but all the advertising pressure behind the back pack craze has lost sight of a simple fact: weight carried on the hips is easier to carry and less tiring than weight supported by the back and shoulders. Moreover, carrying weight on the hips provides greater stability over difficult terrain.

The waist belt is adjustable, and will fit up to approximately a 42-43-inch waist. Smallest waist size is approximately 28 inches.

Offered in very good to excellent used condition, please choose hand select to get one of our few like-new unissued sets!

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