Scottish Military Bagpipes

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New Made Item: Rosewood construction with wood carry case. Anyone remember Piper Laidlaw WW1 on the Western Front his unit was ordered "over the top", a full charge from their trench position against the German Lines and the dreaded MG 08 Maxim Guns. Carrying only his Bagpipes, Laidlaw marches across "No Man's Land" piping for all he's worth. The Maxim Guns start and most around him are swept away in a sea of blood. Badly injured himself and unable to stand or walk Laidlaw props him self up against a stake for stringing barbed wire and continues to pipe his fellow Scotsman into battle! If we remember the story correctly he was awarded Britain highest Valor Medal THE VICTORIA CROSS.

IMA has unwittingly come into some new made Military Bagpipes, normally hugely expensive, but because of circumstance, we are able to offer these at a wonderful price which military collectors especially of Scottish or Irish related history may find hard to resist.

Sets come complete with three reeds and a chanters reed.

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