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Russian WWII Riveted Maxim Ammunition Belt Can with Belt

Item Description

Original Item: We received these out of Finland in our 1996 purchase of Maxim M-1910 Fluted Water Cooled Parts Sets. Captured from the Soviet's invading armies in the Winter War of 1939/40 most of the Maxim belt cans we received were the plain steel issue of the interwar years.

However, we did find a few of these early riveted ammunition cans included that were just discovered in an old unpacked pallet.

For the very first time we are offering these Imperial Russian Maxim belt cans of "Riveted" construction each containing a steel 200 round maxim machine gun belt packed in original arsenal grease. No markings visible under the many layers of green paint. Offered in very good condition. NOTE: Leather strap on can may be damaged or torn.

Approximate Can Dimensions:

Height: 10 inches

Length: 10 inches

Width: 3 inches


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