Russian WWII PPS-43 Display SMG

Item Description

Original Item: Very Few Available. Just received from a private collection! This legendary submachine gun was developed in Leningrad while the Germans had the city under siege during WW2. The designer, A. I. Sudarev, wanted a gun that could be manufactured with the resources available in the city. The result was the PPS 43, which has very few machined parts, depended on simple stampings, welding, and riveting for its construction. The design was so successful that it was adopted by the Soviet Army and used extensively during the rest of the war. Finland developed their own version of the PPS 43 in 1944, calling it the M44. It was very similar to the Soviet model, but fired the 9 mm Parabellum cartridge instead of the 7.62X25 bottle neck cartridge used by the Soviets. These are seen extensively in pictures from the WWII eastern front and are an important part of a WW2 collection.

Sling not included.

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