Russian AK-47 Display Gun: Short Stock

Item Description

New Made Item: This AK47 is an incredibly accurate non-firing replica constructed of metal and genuine wood. The weight and feel are true to the Russian Army issue while the quality of materials and attention to detail bring this AK47 to life. The functioning bolt handle even gives off a very satisfying 'clack' when pulled back and fired. There is no better choice for re-enactors and Soviet Army buffs than this AK47. Assembled without a butt stock for close combat urban landscape theaters of operation.

The Soviet Army made the AK-47 famous during the occupation of Afghanistan the early 1980’s. M.T. Kalashnikov entered the Red Army in Kiev 1938 where he attended tank mechanics school. In the army, he designed a device to count the number of shots fired by a tank as well as other useful tactical devices for tanks. After surviving fierce battles against the NSDAP's in 1941 as a tank commander, he found himself in hospital recovering from serious wounds and battle fatigue. At hospital he began to conceive ideas for a new machine gun that could provide high volume combined with lightweight firepower for soldiers in mechanized infantry. While on temporary medical duty, stationed at Matai, he took advantage of the workshop facilities to prototype this weapon. In 1944 his first prototype was adopted for further development and finally in 1949 the soviet army adopted the Automatic Kalashnikov design of 1947 as their standard rifle. As of 1990, more than 70 million Kalashnikov automatic rifles of various designs had been produced. M.T. Kalashnikov was a self-taught inventory.

Length: 25.5

Weight: 9lbs

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