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P1853 Enfield Upper Barrel Band Spring

Item Description

Original Item: The most common version of the P1853 Enfield rifle requires barrel band springs to retain the Type 2 barrel bands. Other barrel band types are retained by clamping screws. Overall, there are two sizes of springs, a shorter spring used for the upper band and longer springs used for the middle and lower bands. There is a great amount of variation in the springs we have.

Our springs are very dirty from a century plus of storage under poor conditions, but cleaning a couple of them with a wire wheel revealed that under the crud is a sound spring. The main image shows a spring that has been cleaned on a wire wheel. The second picture shows an original spring in place on a rifle to illustrate the location; this is not a replacement spring.

We also found that many of our replacement springs had not been issued; we determined that by noticing that the stock pin on the spring had not been trimmed for the stock. See the photograph. You will have to clean the spring up and cut the pin to fit your stock. We have ONLY A FEW.

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