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P-1840 .75 East India Company Percussion Short Musket

Item Description

Original Item: Commonly referred to as an Officer's "Fusil" 1,260 of these .75cal 33" Barreled Short Muskets were ordered in London for the Madras Infantry on the 8th of February 1840. Intended for issue to Junior Officer's and specialized forces such as Pioneers and Sappers this model was produced with the old series side lock (action) which resembled having been converted from Flintlock and in 1842 was replaced by the more commonly encountered Lovell's style lock. The barrel of only 33" , 6" shorter than the standard Infantry Musket, bear British Makers Marking and Proof Marks is secured by three barrel wedges. The Lock bears the East India Company "Rampant Lion" engraving adopted in 1808. All brass mounts including Butt Plate, "S" Side plate, two Ramrod Pipes, Nose Cap and Trigger Guard with Scroll rear for additional control. Originally produced at a cost to the East India Company of 52/6d (Fifty-two shillings and six pence) today's equivalent of $ 4.75, these have always been very hard to find. Only used by Specialized troops and Junior Officers (NCOs) as Commissioned Officers used Fusils of Pistol caliber (.65") to avoid having to carry two differing caliber projectiles. Extremely limited quantity now being offered for sale.Note: This gun was manufactured before 1898 and is therefore legally considered an "antique". It is totally legal to own WITHOUT a U.S. Federal Firearms License and can be shipped to most countries around the world.

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