Original Zulu Wars Selepe Battle Axe - Battle of Ulundi Named Bring Back c.1879

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. This is almost certainly a British soldier's "bring back" this is a totally original to the period ZULU war axe, traditionally referred to as a selepe, carried in the left hand behind the cowhide shield. The short stabbing iklwa spear was carried in the right hand.

This very nice example was captured by a Trooper in the NATAL MOUNTED POLICE, and is marked:


These markings are carved into the 28 1/2" shaft, which is decorated with brass and silver wire bindings, some of which have deteriorated and are missing. The head of the axe measures 6 1/2" on the leading edge, with a length of 7" going through the bulb head of the haft. The Classic Zulu War Axe / SELEPE.

Interesting that the Trooper was named WILLIAMS in that TWO Victoria Crosses were awarded to Privates of the 24th Regiment of Foot for their actions earlier at Rorke's Drift. This example was captured at the Battle of Ulundi, where the Zulus met their final defeat

A typical Warrior's battle souvenir to bring home to the family. In a most presentable condition showing its age, with the great patina of a well cared for antique.

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