Original Zulu War Hardwood Knobkierie - Named and Dated Zululand 1879

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Original Item: This an incredible part of history. This most interesting original Zulu Knobkierie (also spelled knobkerrie, knopkierie or knobkerry). A fine weapon 25" overall length with mature color, the ball of considerable weight. A named Soldier's bring back, it bares a small oblong silver plaque stating:-



The 24th Regiment of Foot was mainly a Welsh Regiment and was renamed in the Childers Reforms of 1881 as the South Wales Borderers". The Regiment was the unlucky crew to face 4,000 Zulu warriors at the Battle of Isandlwanna in January 1879 and over half the Regiment were annihilated. General Chelmsford had divided his force and caused one of the greatest disasters in British Military History. Just two days later the garrison, Company "B" of the 2nd Battalion totaling a little over 100 troopers defended the River Crossing Station at "Rourke's Drift" for two full days and nights from the 4,000 strong Zulu army, an action acclaimed as one of the most heroic in British Military history. A legend was born not to forget one of the greatest action movies of all time..."ZULU".

Eleven Victoria Crosses were awarded at Rourke's Drift, TWO to troopers named Jones but, alas not to a "J.Jones" . They were ROBERT JONES (716) and WILLIAM JONES (593). There were in fact so many Troopers named JONES in the Regiment that they were referred to by name AND serial number. There was a "J.JONES" killed in action at Isandlwanna so he could not have carried our knobkierie home to England, so at this point we have found just one other "J.JONES" in the Regiment, Serial # 948. About J.JONES (948) we can find nothing of interest other than he was there and he did return to England, so this knobkierie was most likely brought back by him.

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